CashTokens adds miner-validated fungible tokens and NFTs to BCH L1.

How to Build with CashTokens

Here are some recommended tools for building with CashTokens.

Javascript all-in-one + API.

An ultra-lightweight JavaScript library.

Verifiable price oracles.

A Python library.

Rust Bitcoin Cash library.

A multi-node blockchain indexer and GraphQL API.

A tool used to create BCH NFT collections from image layers.

A handy Javascript program to airdrop fungible tokens to NFT holders.

A tool to generate BCMR files.

A complete CashTokens management app.

IPFS file pinning service with on-chain settlement.

Free & easy IPFS file pinning.

CashTokens Wallets

Mobile & Browser

Mobile & Browser

Web & Android

Desktop & mobile. For power users.

CashTokens DeFi

CashTokens market-cap site.

Fungible token swap & LP.

NFT marketplace.


Fungible token swap & LP.

CashTokens Reference & Suppport

CashTokens & BCMR specifications.

An active Telegram group for CashTokens developers.

A support network for Web3 builders.

An active Telegram group for developers using MainnetJS.

NFT Projects

10K unique hand-drawn digital images of cats.

NFT collection with OpenAI enhancements to provide names and descriptions for each Cash-Ninja.

A unique, on-chain, peer-to-peer crypto price prediction game and NFT collection.

Simple Bitcoin Cash DAO template which acts as a fixed-term deposit savings vault with optional crowdfunded rewards scheme.

From a racing game to the full-scale player versus-player artillery game that includes several weapon types to take onto the battlefield.

Text-based NFTs.

A collection of 25 social media images that lay out a vision for the future development of BCH.

Fungible Token Projects

Meme coin.

BCH but as a CashToken.

Real Bitcoin Fam's community award token for rewarding new BCH builders who are building with CashTokens.

Fungible Token Faucets

CashTokens Explorers

Includes CashTokens metadata.

New explorer with modern design.

Excellent for developers.

Look up CashTokens by category.

View your NFT collection.

List of all CashTokens FTs created.


Authoritative BCMR with listing requirements.

A DNS-based BCMR.

CashTokens Mentors on X

CashTokens Tutorials

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