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TokenStork.com Flipstarter: Innovative Tools for Growing the CashTokens Ecosystem

The TokenStork.com Flipstarter aims to catalyze the BCH CashTokens ecosystem with three interconnected projects.

The TokenStork.com Flipstarter aims to catalyze the BCH CashTokens ecosystem with three interconnected projects.

Innovative Tools for Growing the CashTokens Ecosystem

We stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the BCH CashTokens ecosystem. With TokenStork.com, Drop, and Survive the Bull Run, we have the potential to revolutionize how tokens are created, distributed, and engaged with on the BCH blockchain.

But to bring this vision to life, I need your support.

  1. A first-class token market cap website and tokenization platform (TokenStork).
  2. A first-class token airdrop tool (Drop).
  3. A creative and captivating game that encourages users to procure, hold and create new CashTokens (Survive the Bull Run).

Let’s make this vision a reality.

Thank you for your support, trust, and belief in this project.

Pledge Now

Pledge now at flipstarter.tokenstork.com.

Vision and Challenge

Our vision is clear: forge a CashTokens ecosystem that stands unrivaled, a beacon of efficiency, accessibility, scalability and innovation that not only matches but exceeds the capabilities and low fees of any other blockchain.

The challenge we face with the BCH CashTokens ecosystem is:

(a) how to make it easier to create and manage tokens,

(b) how to disseminate the opportunity to create tokens on BCH, and

(c) how to get more tokens into the hands of holders in fun, creative and useful ways.

The next wave of BCH adoption can be driven by entrepreneurs who are bringing their ideas to life using on-chain tokens. By harnessing the power of BCH and tokenization, we can transform micro-economies around the globe, making financial services accessible to all, and solving problems fiat currency and tradfi never can.

The challenge of sustainable inflows continues to be a hurdle for Bitcoin Cash adoption. What if tokenization unlocks the tools to bring millions of new businesses and users onto Bitcoin Cash?

We have an amazing opportunity to build an unparalleled token experience on Bitcoin Cash — one that can drive adoption, innovation, real-world use cases and address the inflows challenge.

But to unleash this potential, we need tools that simplify token discovery, creation, and engagement.

Towards that end, I’ve created the opportunity to support this TokenStork.com flipstarter. And to earn some cool perks in the process!

What I’m Building

This TokenStork.com Flipstarter aims to catalyze the BCH CashTokens ecosystem with three interconnected projects:

TokenStork 1.0

  • What: A market-cap, token data and tokenization platform for BCH CashTokens that makes it easy to find, track, research, create and manage BCH CashTokens, all in one place.
  • Why: Enable new BCH investors to see complete, professionally-presented token data at a glance. Enable new BCH builders to seamlessly create and manage tokens.

Drop 0.1.0

  • What: A flexible airdrop tool for BCH CashTokens that makes it trivial to airdrop tokens in any number of creative ways with a user-friendly interface, thus adding new users to the ecosystem.
  • Why: Enable token creators to airdrop tokens easily and thereby increase CashTokens adoption.

Survive the Bull Run 0.1.0

  • What: An addictive clicker game / token-distribution game for BCH CashTokens that entertains while educating users on the nuances of crypto investments, encouraging responsible accumulation of CashTokens and fostering a deeper connection with the BCH ecosystem.
  • Why: Enable anyone, including the least sophisticated BCH users, to accumulate CashTokens in a fun, addictive way.

These projects provide unique tools and creative games that can attract new people to BCH CashTokens, while also serving as examples to developing builders of how to build with CashTokens and inspiration for what can be done with BCH smart contracts.

By supporting this Flipstarter, you’re not just funding projects — you’re nurturing the soil from which the next generation of BCH dapps can sprout.

I hope you will agree that these goals serve the continued growth of the BCH CashTokens ecosystem, and that you will consider supporting this initiative.

I’ll be releasing a walkthrough video for this project soon at youtube.com/@BCHWorks. Please subscribe now.


Join the conversation on our updates and share your thoughts on how we can together keep building the BCH ecosystem. I expect to be dropping vlogs, mockups, decks and code updates as this campaign progresses.

About Me

I’m George Donnelly, a Bitcoin builder since 2011, Web3 coder, project manager, freelance marketer & writer. I’ve led multiple successful BCH projects, from UX to local onboarding, merchant adoption and beyond, since 2019. Dozens of community members have funded my work.

My portfolio is a testament to my commitment, showcasing initiatives that have propelled BCH forward, touching lives and opening doors to financial inclusion across the globe.

My Projects

Some of my past and current BCH projects include the following:

My Mission

My unwavering goal is to usher in an era of universal prosperity through the mass adoption of BCH. By harnessing the power of BCH for cross-border monetary and financial solutions, we can bridge the gap for the financially excluded, catalyzing a wave of prosperity and reducing human suffering on a global scale.

The mission to onboard 1 million new users to BCH — that I first put forth in 2020 — remains at the heart of my endeavors, a beacon guiding my efforts toward a future where BCH is a cornerstone of everyday life.

We are faced with the amazing opportunity to marry the financially excluded billions of working people in the developing world with the amazing potential of BCH. Together, these add up to amazing prosperity and alleviation of human suffering, not to mention new mindshare, new credibility, new users, merchants and builders for BCH.

By supporting TokenStork.com, Drop, and Survive the Bull Run, you’re not just backing projects — you’re championing a vision of innovation, inclusion, and growth for BCH.

Social Proof

”You really overdelivered. That’s what I call ‘much bang per buck’ Thank you!! I pre-pledge 25kusd worth of bch for 2022. Please remind me when flipstarter for that is up.” — BCH community member & project donor

”George, in my personal dealings with you, you have always been kind, courteous, professional, clear-headed, and a visionary about what cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Cash can do for the world. I am glad you are and continue to be a part of our community.” — BCH developer

”I remember being inspired by George…” — BCH community member

”This is incredible work!!!!” — BCH community member

”You have done a very good job.” — BCH developer

”+1 George Donnelly (f*ck the haters and keep building)“ — indie Bitcoin developer

”Delivering as promised. If you run another flipstarter, I’ll be likely to contribute.” — BCH community member

”Great job. Actions speak louder than words in the end.” — BCH community member

”Thank you George for all you have done so far for BCH. Good luck with your future work. You are a very valuable asset for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.” — BCH community member


TokenStork aims to simplify token discovery, creation, and engagement—fueling innovation and use cases within the Bitcoin Cash community. I’m excited to build tools that help businesses, token projects, and users participate meaningfully in the growing CashTokens ecosystem.

1. TokenStork 1.0

TokenStork.com is a website that aims to support the CashTokens ecosystem through these 3 vectors:

  1. Make token/chain data easily accessible and enjoyable to browse, process and share.
  2. Make it easy to find and create tokens.
  3. Bring new, interesting and useful tokenized assets into the CashTokens ecosystem.

TokenStork is currently built with Next.js, Tremor, Electrum Cash & Typescript. The website is, and will remain, open-source and available under an MIT license.

Visit the website at TokenStork.com.

TokenStork Use Cases

Tokenization: Streamlined Token Creation
  • Broad Asset Coverage: Facilitates the tokenization of a wide array of assets including real estate, art, commodities, and financial instruments like stocks, bonds, and derivatives, accessible to individuals, companies, and institutions.
  • ICOs: Supports the launch of Initial Coin Offerings with features like milestones, funding caps, and integrated mechanisms for accountability, voting, dividends and equity distribution.
  • Digital Identity: Provides solutions for digital identity management, enhancing access control and security.
  • Fractional Ownership: Enables fractional ownership of high-value assets, democratizing access to investments previously out of reach.
  • Liquidity: Transforms illiquid assets into tradable tokens, increasing market fluidity.
  • Supply Chain Tracking: Offers tools for supply chain and logistics management, enhancing transparency and efficiency.
  • Virtual Goods: Allows for the tokenization of virtual goods, including in-game assets and virtual real estate.
  • IP and Royalties: Streamlines the tokenization of intellectual property and automates royalty payments.
  • NFTs: Facilitates the creation and trade of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and collectibles.
Market Analytics: Real-Time Insights
  • Investor Tools: Provides robust tools for investor analysis and decision-making through real-time tracking of market data.
  • Portfolio Management: Features portfolio tracking capabilities for a comprehensive view of investments.
  • Alerts: Offers customizable price alerts to keep investors informed of market movements.
  • Education: Includes educational resources for both new and experienced users to learn about the crypto market.
  • API Access: Delivers API services for developers and businesses to integrate market data into their applications.
  • BCMR Tracking: Keeps users updated on BCMR (Bitcoin Cash Metadata Registries) updates, keeping token creators honest and consumers proactively informed.
  • Community Engagement: Enhances token team engagement with the community through integrated communication tools.
  • Yield Opportunities: Helps DeFi users identify profitable yield farming and staking opportunities.
  • Project Discovery: Aids in discovering new CashTokens projects, providing them visibility and credibility.
  • Technical Analysis: Offers historical price charts for in-depth market trend analysis and technical studies.
  • Research Support: Acts as a research aid for deep dives into projects and investment opportunities.
  • Partnership Evaluation: Assists businesses in evaluating potential projects and assets for collaboration.
  • News and Updates: Aggregates news and information, serving as a go-to source for crypto enthusiasts.
  • Competitive Analysis: Enables detailed competitive analysis between tokens for strategic insights.

TokenStork Roadmap

0.0.3 Server-Side Data
  • set up a database to store token data and speed up page loads.
  • load the website from the server, instead of from client-side APIs.
0.0.4 Individual Token Pages
  • add detailed individual token pages, with data, news, socials, recent token transactions, number of holders, etc.
  • incorporate volume, price change stats from Cauldron.
  • add buy buttons that link to Cauldron.
0.0.5 NFT Tab
  • add an NFT tab with NFT collections, recent mints, number minted per category, floor price on TapSwap (via chaingraph queries), number of unique addresses, etc, and links to buy on TapSwap.
  • add individual NFT collection pages.
0.0.7 Accessibility
  • add themes, light and dark mode.
  • optimize accessibility (aria, etc).
  • optimize SEO.
  • optimize loading time.
  • expand header data (chain fees, ecosystem TVL, number of markets, 24h volume, FURU dominance, halving countdown, S&P500 price performance, inflation, treasury rate, etc.).
  • add token search bar .
  • add tags to tokens .
0.1.0 Easy Fungible Tokens
  • add authentication / user accounts.
  • integrate WalletConnect (or CashConnect, if ready).
  • add the ability to create fungible tokens/BCMR via web form.
0.2.0 Token Management and Tracking
  • add token management tools (metadata updates, ability to secure authbase, etc.)
  • add token watchlist functionality.
  • add token upvote/downvote functionality.
0.3.0 The Front Page
  • on the front page, show prices in sats and various currencies (dropdown)
  • show 1h, 24h & 7d price performance
  • show a 7d price spark graph
  • show trending tokens, recently-added tokens, most-upvoted tokens, most downvoted, etc.
0.4.0 BCMR
  • add ability to create BCMR identities for people and organizations.
  • enable updates when and show a log of BCMR changes.
0.5.0 Forming Businesses
  • add the ability to create ICOs via form with accountability/milestones, transparency, etc.
  • add a dividend distribution tool
0.6.0 Tracking Growth
  • add exchanges tab (volumes, change in volume 24h, pairs, date of founding).
  • add portfolio functionality.
0.7.0 Expanding Opportunities
  • add a dapps tab.
  • add a news tab.
0.8.0 Social
  • enable people to login and leave comments and reviews on tokens, exchanges, dapps, NFT series, etc.
  • add a chat.
  • give token owners access to edit their token pages, and base the access on control of the authhead.
  • add an airdrops page with coming and past airdrop events.
0.9.0 Tools
  • tools (compare 2 tokens, watchlist/portfolio feature, embeddable widgets, price alerts, profit calculator, ecosystem overview charts)
  • add heat maps (market share by token)
1.0.0 Monetization & Marketing
  • add monetization options (merch store?, offer an API, select advertising, supporters/patrons)
  • run a small marketing campaign around the idea of tokenizing your assets on BCH.
  • do outreach to 20 companies to see if we can build some partnerships to tokenize real-world assets on-chain with CashTokens, e.g., gold, silver and other commodities.

See the roadmap at TokenStork.com/roadmap.

2. Drop 0.1.0

Drop makes it trivial to airdrop CashTokens in any number of interesting ways with a friendly UI. Built with Solid.js, LibAuth, Electrum Cash & Typescript.

The tool will be made open-source and available under an MIT license, with its 0.0.1 release.

You can see the website, which remains under development, at drop.tokenstork.com.

Drop Use Cases

  • Targeted Promotions: Airdrop specific tokens directly to holders of other tokens/NFTs with similar interests or characteristics. This encourages existing community members to interact with your project and fosters cross-project collaboration.
  • Stimulating Ecosystem Activity: Launch surprise airdrops based on BCH transaction levels or other on-chain activity. This fosters excitement, buzz, and rewards positive behavior within the CashTokens ecosystem.
  • Automated Airdrops Based on Specific Criteria: Implementing smart contracts to automatically distribute airdrops to holders who meet specific criteria, such as holding a certain token or NFT, participating in a specific event, or being active within a certain period.
  • Fair and Equitable Token Launches: Distributing initial token supply more equitably among a broad audience to prevent concentration of ownership and promote a more decentralized and fair token distribution.
  • Rewarding Active Users: Airdrop tokens to the most active users on your platform/dapp or based on recent L1 transactions. Incentivizes platform engagement and rewards those who are already utilizing the BCH blockchain.
  • Crowdfunding Support: Reward loyal backers of your project’s Flipstarter campaign.
  • Distributing Utility Tokens: Use the tool to distribute your project’s own utility token to stakeholders, users, or potential early adopters. This bootstraps user engagement and a base economy for your dapp.
  • Airdrop NFTs: Promote or distribute collections, digital art, or project-related NFTs with ease. This adds scarcity and can create collector demand, especially if NFTs are tied to unique perks or features.
  • Bulk Gifting: Facilitate sending small gift amounts of tokens to a large number of individuals easily. This could be used for holiday bonuses, customer appreciation, or other gestures aimed at spreading BCH knowledge and adoption.
  • Loyalty Programs and Customer Rewards: Creating loyalty programs for businesses where customers can receive airdropped tokens as rewards for purchases, encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Incentives: Airdropping governance tokens or other incentives to users of a DeFi platform based on their interaction level, liquidity provision, or other criteria, stimulating participation and investment.
  • Generating Raw Transactions for Broadcast: Enabling advanced users or developers to generate raw airdrop transactions for manual broadcasting, offering flexibility for integrating with other services or custom workflows.

Drop Roadmap

  • initial release of FT airdrop tool to up to 256 addresses at a time.
  • increase number of addresses that can be airdropped to at one time.
  • add CSV import.
  • implement CashConnect (if ready).
  • add ability to airdrop to addresses holding X token/NFT.
  • add ability to airdrop to last X active addresses on L1.
  • add ability to airdrop to Flipstarter backers.
  • add ability to generate raw transaction for broadcast elsewhere.
  • add NFT drops.
  • add ability to airdrop multiple tokens at once.

3. Survive the Bull Run 0.1.0

Survive the Bull Run (STBR) is a clicker/idle game (similar to the legendary Cookie Clicker) and token airdrop tool that aims to entertain and keep users engaged until they are ready to make their own on-chain tokens.

The theme of STBR is to simulate what life in crypto is like, with market crashes, scam emails, billionaire opportunities and all the rest of it. But as a game, or series of games.

STBR is a fun way to add new CashTokens to your portfolio and maintain connection with the CashTokens ecosystem.

STBR is (currently) built with Next.js & Typescript. The website will be made open-source and available under an MIT license no later than its 0.1.0 release.

Visit the website at SurviveTheBullRun.com and start hoarding coins today!

Survive the Bull Run Use Cases

Survive the Bull Run offers a unique blend of gaming, education, and BCH engagement. Here are its use cases:

  1. Entertaining Onboarding to BCH & CashTokens: Survive the Bull Run’s gamified environment provides an engaging, low-pressure entry point for users new to Bitcoin Cash. By simulating the volatile world of crypto, it teaches core concepts (volatility, scams, HODLing) in a fun way.
  2. Incentivized Token Accumulation: The core loop of earning in-game currency and converting it to real-world tokens motivates continued engagement. This acts as a low-stakes way for users to acquire their first CashTokens and potentially spark further personal investment.
  3. Marketing Tool for Token Projects: Projects can sponsor special events, unique in-game assets, or challenges within STBR. This provides direct promotional touchpoints to a receptive audience who’s already interested in BCH/crypto.
  4. Engagement and Retention in the BCH Ecosystem: By simulating the crypto market’s ups and downs, STBR keeps users engaged with the CashTokens ecosystem, promoting sustained interest and activity within the BCH space.
  5. Community Building and Social Interaction: Through leaderboards and social sharing features, STBR encourages community interaction, competition, and socialization, fostering a sense of belonging and community among players.
  6. Educational Tool for Cryptocurrency Concepts: STBR serves as an interactive platform to educate players about cryptocurrency market dynamics, including bull runs, market crashes, and the importance of strategic investment, in an engaging and risk-free environment.
  7. Achievement and Reward Systems: The ability to mint achievements as NFTs and reach various in-game milestones offers tangible rewards for engagement, potentially introducing players to the concept and utility of NFTs.
  8. Promotion of Strategic Thinking and Financial Literacy: Through asset management, boosts, challenges, and the FUD mechanic, STBR promotes strategic thinking and financial literacy, skills valuable for cryptocurrency investment and beyond.
  9. Cross-Promotion with Other Crypto Projects: The platform can serve as a cross-promotional tool, introducing players to other BCH projects and platforms through in-game assets, partnerships, and sponsored events.

STBR leverages gamification to demystify the cryptocurrency market for newcomers while providing depth and continued engagement for experienced users, thereby supporting both BCH educational objectives and the broader goal of BCH adoption and community growth.

Survive the Bull Run Roadmap

0.0.2: Seamless Play
  • add user accounts/auth/avatars, allowing players to seamlessly switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet versions.
  • store game data in a database.
  • add a slideshow tutorial to help new users understand the game mechanics can pop up from a button
0.0.3: Assets
  • add more stuff to buy (assets, or things that produce more coins for you faster and automatically).
  • show calculations regarding utility of buying different assets at any given time.
  • refine the algorithm for coin rate of accumulation and asset prices for optimum playability and engagement.
0.0.4: Social Features
  • add leaderboards.
  • add visual and sound effects.
  • add social sharing.
  • add 5 more assets.
0.0.5: Get Real Tokens
  • add ability to exchange browser coins for real on-chain tokens (initially at a fixed rate) (a new CashTokens fungible token that will have the max supply and will be paid out from a contract).
  • add WalletConnect.
  • add 5 more assets.
0.0.6: Boosts & Challenges
  • add milestone-based boosts and time-limited challenges.
0.0.7: FUD Mechanic
  • introduce the FUD mechanic as part of the existing game or a new one on the same website (based on your decisions, you can get FUD, which as it accumulates can trigger unfavorable events).
0.0.8: Floating Exchange Rate
  • add floating rate for coin exchange based on real-world BCH price and based on an algorithm that reduces the exchange rate over time, in order to incentivize early adopters.
0.0.9: NFT Achievements
  • add ability to mint achievements as NFTs.
0.1.0: Achievements
  • reach 50 assets and 10 challenges.
  • hold 1 special event.
  • add statistics page.

See the full roadmap at SurviveTheBullRun.com/roadmap.

4. Stretch Goals

The following goals are in no particular order. I can run a poll to assign priorities to them, if the community requests it. As these are stretch goals, there are no guarantees that I will get to them for this flipstarter.

But I will certainly try, as I’m excited about them!

  1. Bring back or re-create paybutton.org (MVP), a product that permits website owners to start accepting BCH just by adding a few lines of code to their website. Paybutton was previously a BCH-only product but currently only supports another coin.
  2. MVP of a FOSS/MIT-licensed NFT-sales website in a box, easy to launch and install, so that anyone with an NFT collection can easily launch their sales website using CashTokens and rapidly start selling.
  3. MVP of an on-chain warrant canary service that uses parsable CashTokens NFTs to permit individuals, companies and institutions to issue their warrant canaries with the immutability and security of the BCH blockchain.
  4. Make a multi-hour, comprehensive CashTokens / BCH contract development video and text tutorial, upload it to various video hosting platforms and contribute it to FreeCodeCamp so that more builders can find BCH and start building dapps.

I have a couple large projects beyond these that have crystalized as a direct result of my years of ground adoption work, but I’m not sure they’re quite ready.

As usual, at the completion of this flipstarter’s deliverables, I will also issue a detailed report on what was delivered and measure that against what I promised.

Funder Perks

For physical perks, I can ship to PO boxes, mail forwarders, etc. of your choice in order to protect your anonymity or pseudonymity.

Visionary (50 BCH)

For a 50 BCH direct donation, get all of the previous-tier perks plus the below.

  1. Pick 2 stretch goals, I will execute on them and you will be amply credited.

Adoption Champion (10 BCH)

For a 10 BCH pledge, get all of the previous-tier perks plus the below.

  1. Unique Coffee Table Book: Donate 10 BCH or more and get a deluxe, layflat, hardcover copy of the Bitcoin Agents Venezuela 2021 photo book mailed to a physical address of your choosing that will look impressive on your coffee table and remind you and your guests of the immense potential of BCH to change the world.
  2. Exclusive Metal Photo Print & NFT: Donate 10 BCH or more and receive a vibrant and durable metal print of a unique and attractive image of Panmoni’s past BCH merchant and consumer adoption work. Your image will be issued to you alone as both a physical print and a one-of-a-kind NFT.

Evangelist (5 BCH)

For a 5 BCH pledge, get all of the previous-tier perks plus the below.

  1. Memorable Mini Book: Donate 5 BCH or more and get a softcover photo book of the Bitcoin Agents Venezuela 2021 photo book mailed to a physical address of your choosing.
  2. Exclusive Photo Tile & NFT: Donate 5 BCH or more and receive a re-stickable adhesive photo tile printed on high-quality, silver halide paper of a unique and attractive image of Panmoni’s past BCH merchant and consumer adoption work. Your image will be issued to you alone as both a physical tile and a one-of-a-kind NFT.

Trailblazer (2 BCH)

For a 2 BCH pledge, get all of the previous-tier perks plus the below.

  1. Sponsor Tutorials: For each successful 2 BCH pledge, you can select 1 tutorial or marketing video from the Token Pioneers Flipstarter to sponsor. Sponsors get a text + image mention embedded in the deliverable, subject to reasonable limits. I reserve the right to select which sponsorship requests I will accept.
  2. Semi-Fungible Token Book: All donors of 2 BCH or more will get a limited edition, semi-fungible token of the Bitcoin Agents Venezuela 2021 photo book. Only 100 of these SFT books will ever be minted.

Founding Patron (≥1 BCH)

For a 1 BCH pledge, get all of the previous-tier perks plus the below.

  1. NFTs: For supporters of 1 BCH or more, get 1 BCH Vision Series 2021 NFT of your choice (supplies limited) per each 1 BCH successfully pledged. This series is limited to 1 NFT each of 25 unique BCH social media images.
  2. Founding Patron Status: All donors of 1 BCH or more get “Founding Patron” status on TokenStork.com, Drop and SurviveTheBullRun.com once this feature is enabled, with an image and link of your choice (within reason) in the site footer, for the life of the project. You will be credentialed as a “Founding Patron” and immortalized “forever”.

Backer (≥0.25 BCH)

For a 0.25 BCH pledge, get the Token Explorer plus the below.

  1. Sponsor Videos: I’m also working on an additional 68+ short tutorial videos beyond what is mentioned in the Token Pioneers Flipstarter, and these are also available for sponsorship at the rate of ~0.25 BCH per video. For these videos, you can influence the content. I can even make tutorials about your product, service or project.

Token Explorer (any amount)

  1. Tokens: For every BCH (or fraction thereof) that you provide, get 10,000 XRBF and 1,000,000 of the SurviveTheBullRun token (pro rata, token yet to be created). (I hope to make each of these into self-governing DAOs.)
  2. Patron Status: All donors get patron status on TokenStork.com, Drop and SurviveTheBullRun.com once this feature is enabled, with an image and link of your choice (within reason) in the site footer, for 1 year.
  3. Ads: Apply 100% of your successful Flipstarter pledges towards advertisements on TokenStork.com, Drop and SurviveTheBullRun.com.

Please fill out this form and/or email [email protected] to claim perks.

If the flipstarter closes before you can get your pledge in, you can make a direct donation (see below) and still claim your perk. Additional funds will be applied to extending the flipstarter timeline and to stretch goals.


This flipstarter will run for up to 8 weeks. I will commence work no later than 4 weeks after the Flipstarter’s successful completion. I aim to finish the work within 13 weeks, but will take as long as is necessary to complete the promised deliverables.


I’m looking to raise at least $12,000 USD, which was equivalent to 43.95 BCH at the time of launch.

Additional funds via direct donation or improvements in the BCH exchange rate will be used to extend the timeline and accomplish stretch goals.

Funding Allocation (estimated)

ProjectFunding Allocation
Survive The Bull Run20%

Direct Donations

Direct donations can be made to this address:

BCH: bitcoincash:qz3pxmwda8gd42wa8k9yfxcwhcaapeuhygjc8mc4m8

CashTokens: bitcoincash:zz3pxmwda8gd42wa8k9yfxcwhcaapeuhyg4j59kny5


I am very interested in your feedback, ideas and participation. Let’s have a chat or video call.

You can also follow updates on X, YouTube, and Telegram.

Pledge Now

We stand at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the BCH CashTokens ecosystem. With TokenStork.com, Drop, and Survive the Bull Run, we have the potential to revolutionize how tokens are created, distributed, and engaged with on the BCH blockchain.

But to bring this vision to life, I need your support.

How You Can Help

  1. Pledge: Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to realizing our vision.
  2. Claim Your Perks: Support this campaign and claim some fantastic perks along the way!
  3. Share: Amplify our message by sharing this campaign with your network, on social media, and within the BCH community.
  4. Engage: Follow me on X, YouTube, and join my Telegram group. Share your insights and join the conversation.

Pledge now at flipstarter.tokenstork.com.

Vote of Confidence

Your support is not just a pledge towards developing tools; it’s a vote of confidence in a future where BCH CashTokens unlocks new possibilities for creators, businesses, remittance users, merchants and consumers alike.

  1. A first-class token market cap website and tokenization platform.
  2. A first-class token airdrop tool.
  3. A creative and captivating game that encourages users to procure, hold and create new CashTokens.

Let’s make this vision a reality.

Together, we can create a vibrant, innovative, and inclusive BCH CashTokens ecosystem. Thank you for your support, trust, and belief in this project.

Pledge Now

Pledge now at flipstarter.tokenstork.com.

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